Upload files to ads via Dropbox


Hey Friends

After our second anniversary we would like to introduce a new and amazing feature, upload files to ads via Dropbox. This is a great feature for Job Boards that want to allow users to upload their CV. Also for Real Estate websites, as it allows sellers upload floorplans, home certificates or create a site for Digital Downloads to sell software.

The process and configuration is simple and easy:

  1. Create a new app on the Dropbox Platform
  2. While you create the app, add your website URL to Chooser/Saver domains
  3. Copy the App key from your app and paste it in your website panel, Setting -> Advertisement -> Dropbox -> App key
  4. Create a Custom Field on Classifieds -> Custom Fields -> New
  5. The custom field Name must be file_download and Type must be File
  6. The custom field values are comma separated allowed file extensions
  7. Done!

You can find the documentation here

Besides files upload we added another small but necessary feature: Print orders. This is something that our users requested many times and we decided to integrate it. 

Now you can print orders via your admin panel ->orders->view order-> click print ;) (Only for admins)

Only 3 weeks to finish this 2016 and we are now preparing the next update for Yclas, keep in touch!

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