Basecamp, our new fresh designed theme

  • 21-06-2016

Yclas Friends,

We don't stop. Last week we announced the new admin panel released. And we got awesome feedback from you.

We are happy to say, that today, we are launching our new theme, so Welcome to Basecamp - fresh, stylish and just an awesome theme, specially designed for our customers!

At the moment, we have many different themes, that are suitable for different sectors of the classifieds website. Basecamp is an ideal solution for the marketplaces.

After thinking on the features for our Basecamp, we decided, that this theme has to be a step into the world of usability

Whats new?

  • Basecamp is 100% responsive. Now, you don’t need to think about what devices are using your customers, relax and enjoy the view of your business in any screen size.
  • We are following the main trends in web design, that’s why, Basecamp has a big slider, to make your marketplace look stylish.
  • The most popular plan in Open-Classifieds is the Premium plan, so, we had to develop Basecamp in the way, that the theme supports all the premium features and gives you a freedom in the actions.

You can start using Basecamp. Go to you admin panel -> Appeareance -> themes -> Activate Basecamp.

Hope you can enjoy Basecamp as much as we do!

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