How to Improve Your Marketplace Website Sales

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Dear Yclas friends, 

Do you want to reach more people and increase your sales in the upcoming year? Proven tips & strategies on how to improve your sales performance in 2020 are what we are going to share with you today.

I don't mean to sound like a cliché but you need to prepare yourself for a challenge. Most of the strategies out there are already being used by multiple companies. What you need to do is to find a smarter way of applying those strategies. How to improve your sales skills? Know your audience, keep track of the competitors, be aware of the latest technology trends, and do research as much as possible. It’s of crucial importance to achieve an organized process and clarify your specific goals.

Know your audience

Let’s say you want to improve the sales in your online store. Firstly, ask yourself are you familiar with your audience. Can you answer questions like:

Who will buy your products?
How are you going to differ from your competitors?
What is the best way to reach your audience?

There are many ways to target the group of customers you are aiming for. Finding new customers is always time-consuming. If you already have a database with loyal customers it's more likely to get sales from them. However, don’t forget to search for new customers when you have the opportunity. It will be much easier if you already know who you are looking for.

Personal touch

Let’s say you want to improve your sales. Well, anyone who has been in the marketing business knows that people prefer to buy from familiar faces. If a product is recommended by a family member or a friend, it's more likely for you to buy it, right? Introduce yourself, convince your users that you are a personal friend who has their best interest at heart. Of course, don’t overdo it as we all know how that would go. Include your personal story and establish a connection with your customers. Don’t forget to speak to an individual in your sales letter.

Information channels

Provide the right information on time. That will leave a good impression on you and your website. It will make a big difference for you when your customer knows that they can count on you. Rapid turnaround time should be on your list if you want to improve your revenue. For example, try using social network collaboration software with your team.

Be organized

If you are wasting time talking about the weather with your customers then you must be more organized. Time is essential for top performers. Get your team to be as considered as possible while doing their so-called ‘discovery call’. They should be able to get a “no” as quickly as possible if there is a lack of need for the product or service they are offering. It should go like “ You’re busy, I’m busy, let’s get down to business” in an assertive and empathetic tone.

Improve your marketing plan

Small or newly established businesses should always keep an eye on the market and search for fresh clientele. However, to make it through after the first couple of months, you need to create and apply a marketing plan. Without getting into details because there are dozens of courses and plenty of information on the topic, for example, Online Marketing: Introduction, I’ll give you two design tips which you can use to improve your marketing plan.

Target audience identity

In your marketing plan, there should be a section devoted to introducing your target audience. You should identify the people you are aiming for before creating a marketing plan. To keep this in mind at all times, try to picture your audience's personage. Including images of your potential customer, icons and pictures will help you to put a face to your target audience.

It’s essential to acknowledge the identity of your target audience and focus on your highest-performing channels. By visualizing, you will be able to analyze your channels better as well.

Emphasize major statistics

By highlighting major statistics you will make your marketing plan easier to scan and more persuasive. Create a pyramid of data, for instance, you can use charts and tables to visualize major stats and numbers. When using a brighter colored font for important numbers, you will make the standout and catch the reader’s attention.

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