We added 10x more ads to your current plan!

Dear Yclas user,

Some of you already recieved this as a newsletter, but we want to inform everybody this good improvement!:

We have been working hard to improve Yclas the last two months, with a lot of reviewing and testing of all the current plans that we have.
After some research we found out that many people are feeling more comfortable with more ads per plan than the current amount that we offer.
This fact made us think about what we can do in order to bring an even better experience to our users, without a huge limitation in the paid plans.

We had to keep two points in mind: dealing with our current server and improving resources of traffic speed responses. Dealing with our server provider was difficult but we managed to negotiate a lower price per site per ad.

For that reason Yclas is very happy to announce that we have added 10 times more ads to your current plan.

The new plans will be:

1.- Starter: 5,000 (instead of 500)
2.- Growth: 25,000 (instead of 2,500)
3.- Business: 100,000 (instead of 10,000)

Also we want to tell you that as always we are improving Yclas every day, making it more friendly, easier to use and by improving the current themes.

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