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Today we spoke to Mariano Rodriguez, founder and CEO of AmericaInmuebles. The most important Real Estate website in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina. He is an entrepreneur, who's been very focused on online business since he was a young boy. Now he has created the first Real Estate marketplace in his city, offering an added value to brokers that have no online presence.

Americainmuebles - Argentina

Could you introduce your company? Who you are? and What you do with a classifieds site?

We are a Real Estate classifieds site in Ciudad de Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina. We started in 2011 where we detected a great opportunity in our city, at that moment there were no Real Estate websites and we decided to move ahead to become the first Real Estate Marketplace for our city.

What you do to acquire customers for your classifieds site?

Even though we are an online company in Argentina we are still in the old days, where we need to sell door-by-door and cold calling. Basically we create offline campaigns with our sales agents and we visit each Real Estate broker in their office, offering a personalizaed service and hard work to customer's loyalty.

How important is Yclas to run your company online?

In our case we arrived to Yclas with our business already running. Lot of downtimes and issues from other hosting made our clients angry and we looked for a hosted solution. Yclas is the best answer. Everything was great, migration smooth and easy and support they offer is outstanding, they solve anything related to the software in few minutes. 

What is you recommendation for those who want to start a classifieds site?

  1. Sales. They need to learn sales skills, it is very important even for online business. 
  2. Niche. Indetify the best niche in their areas, don't try to sell everything and focus your efforts to a winning niche.
  3. Content generation. It is important to generate value content for your audience and keep them engaged.
  4. Traffic generation. Promote your content and work on traffic generation, you don't need to worry about technical issues, it is solved with Yclas
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