New Yclas Marketplace Software Self-Hosted Release


It's been a long time since we did a big update on Yclas Self-Hosted.

But today is that great day!

What's new?

              1. All Self-hosted services are integrated into, not through another service like before.

              2. Now Self-hosted Pro has only one package for $360,  lifetime license, and 1-year support. You can renew support and updates or don't, it's entirely up to you!

              3. New Self-hosted landing with all the information you may need available.

              4. Support can be done from directly like on any cloud! ;)

              We are also preparing something huge coming soon... Our team is working 24/7 on these amazing changes that will be given to you for free!

              Your Yclas Self-hosted license will keep working like always. If you have a 2.x / 3.x version, updates will not work but we already notified you about that years ago.

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