Tips to Succeed with Google Analytics on Your Classified Marketplace Website

March 19th, 2022 | 2 min read

Currently, there are free web analytics tools like Google Analytics that you should use to get to know the user who visits your website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that can be used on any web page. Regardless of the volume of traffic, this tool can perform complex statistics and detailed reports of the traffic that a web page that has its tracking system installed can receive.

Google Analytics currently holds over 80% of the web statistics market because it is free, easy to implement, requires no programming skills, and offers very specific and accurate results.

Tips for success in Google Analytics

1- Target configuration

Most Google Analytics users never configure them, and not only should they be well configured, but it should also be the first step after installing the Google Analytics code on the website. It is a priority step to know if our objectives on the Internet are being met and, if it is from day one, better than better.

List of the best tricks for Google Analytics objectives

The objectives are the basis for studying the return on the investment you make in your website since you invest time and money in it and it is vital to know your conversion rate, that is, whether it is the money you invest that you are recovering with sales and to what extent. It's about your company's goals.

Creating goals in Google Analytics is like sitting down to make a business plan, the first thing you need to know is: what is the purpose of your website? is it an online store that sells tangible products? is it intangible products? is it a blog that is going to earn revenue from ads, ebook downloads or the number of newsletter subscriptions?

Once you have done this, you can begin to set these goals. 

2- Follow-up of events

Event tracking is another feature of Google Analytics that can help you keep track of:

- Number of people who downloaded your eBook

- The most effective ads and who clicked on them

- Which registration form do you best convert (sidebar, under the post, on the page)?

- Who pauses, fast-forwards,, or stops at a video?

With the latest version of Google Analytics, we are also able to set these events as targets that can help you see the performance of events based on different metrics.

3- Campaign Tracking

Keeping track of your online marketing campaigns will help you control the visits that come from URL shorteners like and services like TweetDeck.

It will also offer you the possibility of monitoring, in a more precise way, the links that come from other web pages and the links that you use to promote your content in your marketing campaigns.

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