Yclas Hunted and Featured on Product Hunt for Marketplace Websites

April 19th, 2022 | 2 min read
Hello Yclas-Friends,

We at Yclas are a big fan of Product Hunt. This company, which was founded in 2013, features the best new products. Every day interesting apps, websites, hardware, and tech creations are posted on the Product Hunt website. The visitors can up-vote each product, which results in a daily ranking of the best new products. This gives a great overview of new products that have been introduced on the market. 

On August 16th Yclas has been hunted and featured on the Product Hunt website. Of course, we are very proud and happy with this, as it shows that our product is appreciated and valued. This is also reflected in the number of up-votes that Yclas got by visitors of Product Hunt. In total 104 people up-voted Yclas, which resulted in a high position and good visibility on the daily ranking. 

Increase in traffic

That we have been featured on Product Hunt can also be seen when looking at the statistics of the Yclas website. On average we have approximately 100 unique visitors per day. On days that we release a new version of the software we often can see a slight increase in the number of visitors. The day that we have been hunted and the days after the hunt we however see a huge increase in the number of people that paid a visit to our website. This can be seen in the graph below. On Sunday 16th, the day we have been hunted, the number of unique visitors reached 1,303. On Monday this figure was even higher with almost 2,000 unique visitors to the Yclas website. This is an increase of respectively 1,200 and 1,900%!!! Also the rest of the week we had more traffic to our website than usual. We can say there was a positive Product Hunt effect!

Increase in sign-ups

Also in the number of sign-ups, we can see that Yclas has been featured on Product Hunt. On average 10 people sign-up every day. On Monday 17th we registered 33 new customers. 230% more than an average day! This trend continued the following days where we respectively welcomed 22, 12, 20, and 23 new people to our classifieds platform. Throughout the whole week, we had 86% more sign-ups than usual.

Increase in sales
With an average conversion of 2.6% of people that register for Yclas, we can count a total of 71 paid websites on a total of almost 2,700 active sites. The week after being featured on Product Hunt we welcomed 3 new paying customers, with which we are of course very happy.

For the coming months, we will continue our hard work to add extra features to Yclas, make it, even more, user friendly and add new themes to the collection. We will keep you posted about new developments!

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