Delivering the Next Billion Dollar Economy; Classifieds, Marketplaces & the Sharing Economy

April 19th, 2022 | 3 min read

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Recently I was answering some questions on Quora and I thought that one of those questions deserved an entire post in Yclas. The Classifieds industry started a long time ago, around when newspapers went through channels such as classifieds for their publications to increase revenue via other sources or channels and invented classifieds for their publications.

Most people thought that classifieds wodiedead when the internet and online disruption center to our lives. But sites like Craiglist, reoriented the traditional classifieds market and created what we know nowadays the classifieds industry. After Craiglist, thousand, well million entrepreneurs have tried to disrupt this industry, some with luck and some without it.

Nowadays we have been talking about new industries that are disrupting online businesses. Those are, in fact, classifieds. I would say Classifieds is the Main Category and there are subcategories out there disrupting markets. But what are the subcategories and most important how much they worth?

  • Sharing Economy
  • Marketplaces
  • Classifieds 

Sharing Economy 

This is industry aims to offer peer-to-peer deals by sharing something. 

When thinking about sharing economy all of us knows Airbnb. Maybe we could give the honor to Airbnb for this words "sharing economy". Personally I think was one of the first sites to spread those words to world and work and focus on it.

But Airbnb is not the only one, we could mention lot of them, some of the pioneers with Airbnb were, from dog sitting DogVacay, home services like TaskRabbitride-sharing ring giants Lyft or Uber.

At this moment the sharing economy industry forecast 335bn worth by 2025. For those who are thinking to take bate to this cake you can start creating your Sharing Economy website with Yclas


Marketplace differs from shareconomynmoy by allowing businesses and also people to sell something between them but not necessarily must be "shared".these these cases we could see subcategories of marketplaces depending their players. B2B, B2C or P2P. In this order I would like to give you some examples:

B2B: Worldwide known Alibaba is the largest marketplace place. 

B2C: Amazon is also the best in this place. Amazon connects sellers with the customer is a great way and also sell their product and services.

C2C or P2P: Etsy fits in this category. People around the globe make craft products and sell them via Etsy.

In a recent study by Forbes, marketplaces will be worth Trillion by 2020. At YClas We recently launched our marketplace plugin, where you can create awesome marketplaces.

Classifieds sites

Classifieds is more as we all know them. Normally are generic sites with many categories and subcategories with 3 players involved: Admin, buyer and sellers. Buyers and sellers can businesses news or people.

A great example disrupting last year's Wallapop could set in this category. Wallapop connect sellers and buyers, normally people not business, nearby. But also big names are rocking these days: OLX, Quikr, Craiglist, Gumtree...

This is industry could reach 31 Billion by 2018 just in India. Imagine worldwide, we could bet at least 300bn up to 600bn worth.

It is your time!

Yclas was created as a platform to creclassesieds sites, and we continue offering this possibility. But we move it from just classifieds as a subcategory of Classifieds industry to the Main Category putting in our features the possibility to create sites focused on any of the above topics.

Making some numbers the Classifieds industry could worth 7 Trillion by 2025 and you can take a piece of this giant pizza by starting your own Classifieds site with our platform.

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