6 Ways to Monetize your Classified Website (Including Featured Ads on Listings)

September 7th, 2023 | 5 min read

Yclas Friends!

We can know niches, regions, or areas where we can start successful classifieds or online marketplace. People from a lot of different countries are having (and growing) classifieds sites dedicated to a wide range of categories.

In the past year, we have seen online marketplaces for used clothes, guns, real estate, helicopters, drones, and even farm animals. All those sites were created with Yclas.

But what many people are asking themselves is now that I have a project in mind, access to a great technology with Yclas.. how do I monetize my site?

Today we are going to give you 6 ways to monetize your site with our Yclas features:

1.- Featured ads: This is one of the most common ways to monetize when we are talking about classified sites. Successful classified sites have thousands, hundreds, or millions of listings posted in different categories. This way of monetization allows users to highlight ads on the site and post it for example on the homepage. Also, it's common to highlight the ad with a different color box; this is used for Real Estate sites, but instead of naming 'Feature Ad', they call it 'Trusted Seller' or 'Property', giving trustworthiness to buyers.

Featuring ads is a good and extremely useful way to monetize a site, but obviously, nobody will pay to feature an ad on a non-traffic classified site. Probably you have worked on SEO and user acquisition before thinking about this technique, especially when you just started your site.

To activate this on your classifieds site, check this guide.

2.- Bring to TOP: Used in classified sites where the item could be there for a long time, or seller usually posts the "same" content. We could see the 'Bring to Top' feature on used cars websites. This method is a good and quick way to monetize your site. Same as 'Featured Ads', you need to have a lot of ads to generate the problem to users, and then give the solution by placing it at the top. There is a lot of classified websites that are getting an insane revenue from this because it could generate competition between users that are paying to bring in to top in the same category and the same day. It generates good money if they want to be at the top. 

3.- Advertising Banners: In the beginning, this system was a very good way to generate income and also content for your site, but for me, this way to monetize a site, just causes a bad impression, detracts your look and feel, and the worst... you won't generate income. Today most banners are linked to a Pay per Click or Pay to Action. So companies want ROI (return of investment) before giving you any amount of money for placing their banners into your site. That means that your users should click on the banner and take an action, signup, purchase, or do whatever action on the other site. Or maybe they pay if people just click. Oh maybe is a good idea, or maybe not if they pay you 0.001 per click. To generate 1000$ you need 1 Million clicks... Forget this idea.

But if you still think you should try this anyway... With Yclas you can put banners on your site easily, copy&paste banners HTML codes following this guide 

4.- Pay to Post: The holy grail for Job boards. This way of revenue is easy and quick but of course, you need a specific niche, a high volume of traffic, or an exclusive community. Maybe it sounds crazy that you need to pay to post, but what do you think if I own a job board of one of the most important universities, let's say Standford, and I allow companies that want to hire Standford students, just pay? Maybe now it does not sound as crazy. 

Here is another example, you can ask for posting and ad, if you own a large database of clients that are looking for refurbishments and cleaning services, companies that want to send a budget to them, maybe are willing to pay, and in some cases, lot of money. This is the case with one of our best clients TuManitas. People can post works, refurbishments, or small tasks they want to do in their homes, and companies would pay TuManitas to get those leads and budget them.

Also, you will find this featured resource here.

5.- Affiliates link: This way of income can work in different ways: you can either associate with a company that will take advantage of your traffic and sell their products to your users and give you a commission if your site gives them the lead. Or directly ask for a "rent" of their links on your site, they will pay a monthly fee just if you allow their links. 

In this case, the work is to find good affiliates programs out there. The biggest companies, like Amazon, eBay or Rakuten have strong and trusted Affiliate programs, but you can try others not as known as them with high commissions.

6.- Premium membership: Great revenue, with recurring. This is great if you can offer extra content, feature, or deal for a limited period. Ask for a membership if you can give your customer something special, or they feel important.

Normally classifieds sites, name its plans with status names, to bring authority and importance: Silver, Gold, Platinum or Personal, Startup, Business. 

Let me give you a good idea, you own a Real Estate site, and you want other users can Buy&sell their properties. Create some plans lets name them: Agent, Agency, Corporate where each plan can do something on your site: Agent, can post only 1 property per month, Agency up to 10, and Corporate have unlimited listings. If we add some pricing: Agent=Free, Agency=10$/month and Corporate 50$/month, you have the next Realtor with yclas ;)

Most of the revenue streaming is linked to a high volume of traffic, SEO or niche sites. Think about your project before you start it, and feel free to ask us for feedback about your project. Hope this post was helpful ;)

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