6 Hacks For Writing Perfect Classified Ads

March 18th, 2022 | 3 min read

Dear friends,

If you aren’t getting the traffic and the visits you want then you are missing these simple but effective strategies. Apply these 6 hacks and you’ll get the results you look for! 

The core of classified advertisements comes down to  

 How to create an ad that will engage your customers?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a marketer because being seen is what you aim for. 

What message are you sending out there?

Placing your classifieds in the right category determines a big part of its success and (positive) outcome. The position of your ad, together with the right content, are the two factors that determine its success.

We gathered a list of 6 hacks that will help you to write a top-notch ad! 

#1  Short.Simple.Selective

Grab the reader’s attention with a catchy title. 

Don’t write too long titles, around six words if possible. The title of your ad is the first impression that your product gives. Classified headlines can be more effective when written in bold, all caps, with wider spacing, and a different color. Keep your titles short and simple.

#2 Quality vs. Quantity

You have to select the most suitable website to advertise on. Don’t go for easy here! Publish your ads on a reliable and well-built website. According to research, users can be easily distracted if there are too many ads popping up, so have that in mind when you choose where to post.

If you have already decided to place your classified ads in a magazine, newspaper or classified website now is the time to focus on reaching your potential customers. Lastly, publish your classified ads on a website that reaches your target audience. Decide on a niche market and research its reach.

That’s how we get to hack #3

#3 Research sections

Before publishing, study the classified section of the chosen site.

How big is the classified section?
Who are your competitors?

If possible research everything on your own, including payment methods, features, the reputation of the site, statistics, target audience, traffic, reach, and anything that can determine your classifieds success. Research every option on how to create the most interesting and compelling ad. To do this, you have to know the classified section and its features.

#4 Test ads

Create test ads. Try it out on a few classified sites. Schedule the ads, publish and wait. Include something in the ads or the contact forms so that you can track down the source site when a user contacts you.

Make a distinction and decide what worked best for the product in that niche. You’ll need to spare some time on this hack but it’s definitely worth the while.

#5 Free features

Take advantage of media kits. You can find those easily on most classified websites. In case you can’t download it from the website you can request one.

Usually, it’s free of charge. It contains advertising information, including the cost of publications, circulation figures, deadlines, demographics served by the publications, and more.

#6 Focus on essentials

Make sure to include only essential information in the ad’s description. Remove sentences that don’t add to the message. Don’t focus on adding introductions, instead leave only the lines with the strongest selling impact.

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