What's New in Yclas: Adding an Interactive Map and Other Marketplace Updates

May 3rd, 2023 | 3 min read
Yclas has not been standing still since the major launch on 11-11-2014, the development team has been adding many features so that your experience with building a classifieds website with Yclas is more productive and enjoyable.  

I will start with the actions that you can now do on your site on Yclas so make sure you have your site opened and that you're viewing your admin panel.

1- Interactive map:

Yes you read correctly, now you can add an interactive map to your site just like the photo I added here. You can base the map on any country or region as well as being able to modify the colors, borders, active and inactive regions.

When you go to appearance > Interactive map you can see a lot of options here, don't get terrified :) although this could look complex, in fact it's really simple, in a couple of minutes you will understand it and you will find creating your map very easily.
interactive map


Now this is a system you will find really useful, the service was launched early December 2014 by Google to remove the old captcha system. This allows for easy spam detection without having your users look at difficult characters and figuring out what's there in the captcha picture.
reCAPTCHA front

You can enable reCAPTCHA if you go to settings > general and there you have to put your reCAPTCHA site key and secret key. You can get those keys by registering your classifieds site with the google service.
reCAPTCHA back

3- Software fully translated to Spanish

We're rolling out new languages as we're moving and the first one we rolled out other than English is the Spanish version of Yclas, when you activate it you will find that everything is translated to Spanish without an exception. 
Spanish language

To activate Spanish language at your site go to content > translations and activate es_ES

4- Site Dashboard

A new way to manage the classifieds websites you created with Yclas easily is the new dashboard that you may have noticed at the top of your site. This dashboard gives you access to all of your sites management panels and analytics report. 
site dashboard

You can see the dashboard at the top of your site, and don't worry it's only you as site admin who can see this dashboard.

5- Categorize your site

To get more industry specific hints and tips, also to allow us to help you turn your website into a successful business, we recommend that you use this new tool to categorize your website. Categorize it in this sense auto, real estate, jobs or any other kind of classifieds website.
categorize site
to categorize your website you can go to your Yclas "my sites" dashboard, click on details next to the site you want to categorize and then choose which industry and location you're active in. 

There are many other improvements which I didn't mention here but you will notice them when working on your site and I will list them here, you can also check out our new video explaining Yclas service at our homepage. 

List of enhancements since 11-11-2014:

  • Added "only admin can publish" feature
  • Added custom CSS editor
  • Improved e-mails
  • Added button to set site in maintenance from site details
  • Allow to write text to watermark images
  • Added "My dashboard" bar
  • Added interactive homepage map feature
  • Added "categorize your site" button in site details
  • Add delete domain button
  • Improved checkout page
  • Improved analytics stats
  • Spanish translation

We will be posting some guides and videos showing how to use those new features so keep an eye for our blog and subscribe to our newsletter by leaving your e-mail in the section below. Be amongst the first to find out about our offers and updates. And finally, when you have some suggestions of improvement for the software, feel free to post them as a comment in the section below.

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