7 Steps on How to Create a Successful Classified Ad to Make Money

March 19th, 2022 | 4 min read

Nowadays, people want to know how to create ads on the Internet because they can offer many possibilities when it comes to bringing business to real and potential customers, mainly because of the variety of formats you have available and for the options of segmentation and control of the effectiveness of our ads.

The Internet is one of the most excellent tools because it allows you to be there in real-time when a potential customer is looking for the product or service you're offering. Little by little, Internet advertising is gaining trustability and has become a new way of having reliable communication to sell and offer products and services.

When we want to promote our business, the first thing we look for is visibility; we want people to know about us and to be interested in us. It turns out that one of the most used marketing strategies to achieve this goal is including the publication of our website in online classifieds and directories. This is why every entrepreneur should know how to post classified ads on the Internet. 

As you can see, classified ads are something to consider if you want to impulse your business and make money, but do you know how they work?

How do classified ads work?

Classified ad websites are primarily are intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They leave their site at the entrepreneur's mercy so they can freely upload ads for their products, update their business page and publish promotions and offers that may be permanent or punctual in time. 

The user who enters a classified area usually knows what he wants, so he goes directly to the sector, product, service, or geographical area that interests him. On the other hand, published ads are governed by a simple and structured layout that improves users' experience when browsing in them.

Web classifieds are now becoming more important due to some significant advantages, such as the global nature of the Internet: the availability of more space to write ads correctly, the option of keyword-based search, and the ease of use of these websites.

How to create classified ads for a website

If we want to make money posting classified ads, we must take into account some principles for our classified ad to achieve its objectives efficiently. 

  1. Adapt the text to the available quantity of characters. Classified ad pages have a character limitation for the description of ads. So, before writing your text, consider these limitations so it won't lose its effectiveness.
  2. The headline is the key to attracting the attention of possible customers. If we have the opportunity to include a headline, we must take the most care of it. People will focus on the headline of the ad. It let us try to attract the attention of our potential customers with a striking headline.
  3. How to write classified ads is one of the most important things. We must find the right style to make our text attractive to the reader. Using short and direct sentences that describe what we're offering is a useful technique. Don't include irrelevant details, try to write your message as concrete as possible. And beware of spelling or syntax errors that can push away your readers.
  4. Make a call to action. If you want to make an excellent classified ad, your text must be very persuasive so the potential customer can feel attracted to our product or service. Look for words that encourage readers to take an interest in it; make them understand that this is the best option among the offers they will find on the web. Don't forget that an ad for the competition is just a click away, so do your best to gain new clients! 
  5. Including photos or videos is a must. If the website allows you to insert multimedia content, you have to choose well which ones do you want to add. Along with the headline, the image will be the first thing that will get the customer's attention. If they are not attracted to the picture, they'll hardly keep reading your ad.
  6. Take care of the SEO aspects. Try to use the right keywords to improve the positioning of your ad. Remember that if your ad does not appear in the first positions of search engines, it will have done little good.
  7. Be constant. Even if you correctly follow the previous tips, your ad may eventually fall on search engines. We recommend you frequently renew your classified ads so they can recover their positions.

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