How to Start an Online Classifieds Store for Cars, Trucks and RVs

Starting a business is similar to starting an engine in that it requires the proper framework, fuel, and ignition. You'll have everything you need to sell to the thousands of customers that flock to the web to outfit their cars with new components with Yclas, a complete auto parts e-commerce website builder. The best way is to use very special classified boards to advertise.

1. Sign up with Yclas

You can start in very easy steps, first, you need to open an account with Yclas.

With Yclas builder's easy-to-use, innovative platform and ready-to-use auto parts e-commerce themes, you can reach out to a global automotive audience right now.

2. Enable car query.

This is a new and important feature because it lets the owners of the websites and their users' list and search for vehicles without having to maintain and update the vehicle information (year, model and make). Also, new cars and models will be automatically available.

3, Add Categories.

It is best to categorize your cars according to their specific features. With Yclas, it is very easy to add this option. Please refer to the link below.

4. Upload a test drive video or images.

Whether old or new cars, customers may be able to enjoy watching and gain your attention driving the car you want to sell to them. Introduce the viewers to a vehicle on your lot, demonstrate all the interesting features, and then take them for a test drive.

5. Use social media to announce new vehicles.

Create a secondary social media account separate from your regular dealership's account that solely posts new automobile announcements the moment they arrive–even before they're posted on the website. Make this the first place you announce new vehicles, so it's a special treat for customers who ask to be added to your mailing list.

6. Boost Facebook posts

At some risk, you may need to put some money in, but this strategy can also help more subscribers to your page. But mainly, boosting your posts may be a big help, reaching out to thousands of people on Facebook.

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