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  • 04-03-2016

Hello friends

Last three months we were working hard in our new development that will make our users very happy. Today we have a huge new release available to all of you! There were many customers asking for a feature necessary and important for their businesses and we've been listening to you and we have executed it ;)

Membership / Subscription plans are available since today in your website.

From now you can charge your customers a monthly fee in order to post at your site. Actually you can do a lot more since you can specify any amount of days the plan lasts, how much commission you want to charge your customer once they make a sale (if you have the marketplace on.)

This is a new way of monetization that you can consider form now for your business in order to get money with your marketplace or classifieds site.

See this video where we explain to you how works and what you can do:

Memberships are a huge development, but not only within this release. Other new improvements released today:

  • All the themes now have responsive images natively
  • Improved Geonames import, now its easier than ever!
  • Map on search page
  • Improved mobile theme options
  • Filter by distance, now you can specify the distance you want ads to be displayed
  • Small improvements on all themes, positioning of logos etc.

Hope those new improvements make you happy. We won't stop here, since we are already working on new features for the future. Send us your feedback or doubts we love to hear from you!

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