Yclas Classified Marketplace Software Release | Self Hosted 4.1

March 18th, 2022 | 1 min read

After a few months of really hard work, we introduce you to Yclas 4.1 with many updates and really interesting new features you will love.

Remember if you are using Yclas Cloud you already have all these features ;)

What's new

Virtual Wallet/Coin https://guides.yclas.com/#/e-wallet
Custom offers to sellers https://guides.yclas.com/#/Plugins-message-system?id=custom-orders
Email verify for users https://guides.yclas.com/#/General-user-must-verify-email
Auto Data API https://guides.yclas.com/#/auto-data-api
Give extra ad on the mark as sold https://guides.yclas.com/#/Plugins-membership-plans-to-post?id=give-extra-ad-on-mark-as-sold
Custom field Opening Hours https://guides.yclas.com/#/custom-field-opening-hours
Require login to contact
Replace RSS widget reader
Location fuzzy search on the advanced search page
Many bug fixes
Improvements in all themes

How to update https://guides.yclas.com/#/Yclas-self-hosted-installation-how-to-update

PRO users how to update
1- Backup all
2- Update to 4.1.0 from the panel, you need to have the latest 4.0.2.
3- Go to /oc-panel/theme --> in the bottom of the page download theme, insert your license

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