New Stuff in the Marketplace Platform: Shipping Custom Field, Paypal Payments and More.

April 19th, 2022 | 1 min read
Hello Yclas friends!

From today you can enable an internal messaging system, that allows your customers to contact each other without using an email address. This was highly requested and finally, we have developed it!

This would be crucial especially when you use our Android or iOS apps that are coming soon :wink: ;)

We have also done much other stuff!
  • User panel has the same look and feel as the frontend theme
  • Shipping custom field
  • Free plans now allow custom banners
  • Improved user profile URL
  • Admin able to change user password
  • Paypal email seller, now there are a few more ways to choose where to get paid.
  • Huge refactor on to publish new, looks the same should work better ;)
  • Search replace in translations
  • Admin and moderator able to see single Ad stats
  • And fix many many small issues on themes to make them even better!
As always you do not need to do anything to enjoy all of this! All is already included in your current plan!


I wanted to say this earlier but last week I became a dad with my first child ;)

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