Yclas Celebrates 11 Years of Developing Classified Marketplace Software

March 18th, 2022 | 1 min read

Dear Yclas friends,

Thank you for supporting us throughout the years! 

We are always here for you! This year started challenging for all of us but we know that better times are yet to come! 

Today is a special day for us at Yclas as we celebrate the company's 11th birthday

We are proud that we helped thousands of business owners and customers worldwide!

Live Yclas websites  4,537           

Ads published     4,261,619        

Page view served    143,358,775

Meanwhile, we created a short overview of our latest updates & features for you

Free Classifieds website for schools and universities 

Mobile ready and native APPS fully updated 

How to create your own marketplace - Free video course 

Now you can create an online shop, an auction, or sell tickets/events with us!  

Social interactions

  •  Social Login: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Hotmail
  •  Auto-post on Twitter
  •  Sharing platform
  •  Facebook comments
  •  Embed on a Facebook page
  •  Blog, forum, and reviews

You can always check our service status here and reach us here

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