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With Yclas, you have the option to create amazing events and sell tickets online! You won't believe how simple it is to use and set up.

Create an event marketplace

Perfect for every event

Easy-to-use, powerful and increases the attendance and engagement on your website. Suitable for any occasion.

By organizing events on website, your users will keep up with the latest updates on your classifieds website. You can create awesome sales, or include different types of advertisements in your events to increase your website’s traffic! Sell tickets for ‘Special deals event near me’ or ‘upcoming discounts for New Year’. Boost your traffic and make your website stand out!

Quick and easy to set up

You can easily create a customized event marketplace with all the information you need. With the Calendar view options, all of the upcoming and past events will be visible in a calendar view. Unless it’s removed, an events stays in the calendar forever. The option to sort listings allows users to sort listings by event date. If someone wants to check out for upcoming events, all they need to do is search for listed events. It saves time & effort.


Who’s it for?

Creating amazing, personalized events and selling tickets for them can be suitable for every type of business. You can have an event for real estate ads, car classifieds, kids advertisement, job board websites, and many more.

It’s perfect for Job agencies, online advertisers and organizations.


For agencies that want to make special event for their services or products, Yclas has the best option on the market.

Yclas offers a solution for companies to save up on their finances, or technical resources, and take advantage of this opportunity to increase your revenue, attract more visitors on a daily basis and improve your audience’s engagement.


Yclas is the perfect tool for professional organizations that have a fair amount of users. Organizations can offer an incredible experience for their audience and also save time & effort when it comes to creating an event, for example, an auction or a sale. It’s quick and easy to set up without the need for a technical expertise.


It’s perfect for online advertisers, who want to increase the traffic on their website and have their users keep pace with the latest news and events.

Yclas offers you the opportunity to organize events on your site, customize marketplaces with calendar view and sort listings feature.

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Excited yet? Using Yclas, you can create almost any type of marketplace! Check out the features we offer to help you turn your project into a real business.

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