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Perfect for auctions

Yclas is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to create an auction themed website. Yclas offers an auction theme with extra functionality and is specialized on auctions. You can choose the best scheme that will style your website. Personalized layout, homepage, listings and many more features are available.

Sellers can list an item and choose the listing duration. The bidding opens at a price the seller specifies when it ends the bidder with the highest bid wins. Auction has a fresh design that will make your classified website look like a professional e-Commerce.

Quick and easy to set up

Yclas focuses on a user-friendly experience, there is no need for any technical knowledge of auctions as this platform was created for anyone to use. Within a few minutes, you can create your auction themed website. Our software comes with all the standard and customized features you will need to build a perfect realty auction. There is a step-by-step documentation on how to set up an auction themed website available for our users.


Who’s it for?


For agencies that want to create auctions websites, Yclas is the ideal tool on the market.

Our software offers a solution for companies to create an auction suitable for their business. The auction template displays any amount of ads on the home page and you can customize it, by choosing among different colors for the template, layout options, homepage slogan and site description. Infinite scroll, display listing slider on mobile devices and display slider in linting.

Yclas enables you to expand your business and attract customers from other parts of the country and in places where you might not have any offices.


Yclas is the perfect tool for professional organizations that want to start their own auctions. Organizations can offer an incredible experience for their users by running their own auction website, similar to eBay. It’s quick and easy to set up without the need for a technical expertise.


For online advertisers who want to create a platform where people can sell their products to the highest bidder! If you want to start an auction but you don’t have any experience with auctions, Yclas has the software for you. In only a few minutes you will have your site online, and you can start your first auction. Adapt the look and style of your website using the different themes that are available and if it doesn’t precisely fit your wants or needs, use the custom CSS option to personalize your website entirely.

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Excited yet? Using Yclas, you can create almost any type of marketplace! Check out the features we offer to help you turn your project into a real business.

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