New Pricing, New Platform, New SSL in our Yclas Classified Software Platform


It's been a long time without any writing in the blog.

We've been really busy focusing on development for the last 4 months. Truth to be told I didn't even remember... My bad. Sorry.

I am going to try to make this post as short as possible to update you ;)

New servers platform

Auto scalable using Amazon Web Services. This has been the outgoing work for the last half-year. Moving all customers to a new infrastructure hosted at AWS. This allows us to scale for each new customer we get new resources that are deployed on demand. With this, we are trying to achieve more than 99% uptime and make it easier to manage the infrastructure. Currently, 1 last huge customer is left to be migrated.

Yclas Inc

I have talked about this previously, shutting down the company in the UK and moving all to the US has been a personal nightmare, losing many customers in the way… but we are already finished, only last paperwork and we will be only Yclas Inc. No more invoices are issued from OpenClassifieds LTD and will be closed in December.

New pricing

In the last months, we also created new plans. We left behind the self-hosted version and we thought was wrong, so now easily you can choose between the Yclas Cloud or Yclas Self-Hosted, depending on your needs. Also, plans are now more simple to identify based on the number of ads/items

SSL in all plans

All plans now include FREE SSL. Because it is super important for your customers and should be a standard for everyone.

Self-Hosted PRO for FREE

After months of working to get a great deal with a hosting partner now if you buy hosting using our partner, you get a FREE license of Yclas Self-Hosted PRO.

Many new updates

  • New CDN for your images using Digital Ocean.
  • We have updated all third-party providers, JavaScripts, CSS, etc.
  • Checkbox group type for custom fields
  • Add your ads.txt directly from the pane
  • Multilingual site
  • Separated images management on the ad update

We are constantly working towards improving the platform. Any feedback's always more than welcome.

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