Monthly Plans now available


Hey buddies!

We are so happy today. We would like to announce a new and great change that will make most of you happy. From now you can get a Yclas plan and pay it monthly. YES, monthly payments are now available.

Until now, monthly pricing was not an option because we invest a lot during the first month with a new user. We provide excellent support, great software with endless features, payments are available from the first day, server setup etc.

But we had lot of inquiries about getting a plan and pay it on monthly basis. That is why decided to create monthly plans.

How will monthly plans work?

Monthly plans will work as any Yclas plans worked before. So you can go to the pricing page and then select a plan which says Monthly Billing. Selecting this option you will see that a 120$ setup fee is added to your plan. So it is a one time Fee and this will not be paid anymore.

What is the setup fee?

We decided to put a setup fee when selecting monthly billing due to the excellent service we provided in the first stage:

  1. Server optimisation, to run your site as fast as it can with the best performance
  2. Professional and outstanding support service. We understand you will need our help with your first steps.

Completing thse 2 points take us about 9/10 hours per customer.And that is why the value of the setup fee is $120.That allows us to keep the same pricing whether you are selecting monthly billing or yearly or biannual. 

For those who already have a plan you can keep your current plan or if you want, you could switch to monthly billing! 

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