The Top Classifieds and Marketplaces Investments in 2016

March 22nd, 2022 | 2 min read


As we have done every year since 2014, we have researched investments made to classifieds during 2016. This year we decided to add classifieds and marketplaces investments to the list. This is why the numbers have increased significantly compared to last year.

Whether you want to launch a marketplace or a classified site, I must say, they had great numbers in terms of funds received by investors.


  • America was the continent where companies received the most funds.
  • More than $5 billion invested worldwide
  • An Asian company was the most funded company last year.

The following image shows the total amount of investment received by companies worldwide and the #Top 10 Companies funded:

Click on the image to see the full report. During 2016 we have been collecting information via different sources (Crunchbase, Venturebeat, and other media outlets) about the investments made in classifieds and marketplaces.

In the full report you will find, companies, their logos, where they are from (HQ), lead investor, the total amount received in 2016, and the source from which we get the info.

Business focus

While in the previous years we focused our chart on classifieds business, this year adding marketplaces to the list has created great diversity with business models. Sharing economy projects, rental marketplaces, and services marketplaces are the winners. But many classifieds companies have raised a decent amount of money 20%.


Investors are also growing worldwide in terms of amounts invested and the number of investors firms. The leaders in this segment are Accel, Sequoia, Naspers, Andressen Horowitz among others. The average ticket used by those investors is $15M and almost 50% of their investments are follow-ups to previous rounds made to the same company.

Some public companies and banks are also focusing their investments on funding startups with great performance. Some of them are Goldman Sach, the Bank of Japan, the US government, and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Comparison with 2015 (we added marketplaces this)

Number of investments50108
Total invested amount$1950million$5228million
Investments < $1 million34%5%
Investments between $1 million and $10 million
Investments > $10 million18%56%

As we added marketplaces in our research, we can see the stats increased in all the points. 56% of funds were more than 10 Million and it says a lot about the market where people are growing too fast and they are raising series B, C, D with a larger amount of funds.

Good News

Classifieds and marketplaces are great investments for investors and you can be the next funded company. The key is to find a great niche and don't waste time in general classifieds. Rental marketplaces of any kind; Cars, Real Estate, Studios, Offices, etc are growing fast, with top leaders.

Check out the full report and get inspiration from the Top funded companies in 2016. With Yclas you can create the next leader in this chart and we would be so happy to feature you next year. ;)

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