How to Launch a Real Estate Website on the Yclas Marketplace

April 19th, 2022 | 5 min read

 Many of you have contacted us asking about how to create a webpage for real estate. It’s very easy to sell and buy properties with Yclas.

Yclas is a great solution for your business, and today we would like to answer the most popular questions that we have received. Walking you through this very easy and simple process.

  • Registration: Most of you probably already have an account on Yclas, but if you don’t have one, you have to register at Yclas first. Go to Fill in the box with your email address and domain name for your new website, and click on “create a website” (You can integrate your usual domain name later). You will then be redirected to our different Plans. If you already know which plan suits you best, great! choose it! But at the moment, we will create our website with the free plan.
  • Confirmation of the account: After this first step, Yclas will send you a confirmation email. Check the email account that you have chosen in the registration form, and confirm your registration by clicking on the button you will find in the email. (this step is very important. If you don’t confirm your email address, you will not be able to use Yclas).
  • My website: The next step will be the confirmation of your Yclas Account. On the page where you landed after confirming your email address,, you will see 3 more buttons: 6 button/links: 1.- Link to the free domain that you have created, 2.-” Details” (what you have to click on next), 3.- “Panel”: to enter your administrator panel, 4.- “Upgrade plan”: for choosing/changing your plan, 5.- “Forum”: to access our users Forum, 6.- “Testimonials”: to share your feedback and experience on Yclas.
  • Details: Click on “details”. Here you have to set the main configurations of your site: language, categories of your website: Real Estate, Location, etc. To continue, please, go to “Administrate your site” (it’s the second link on this page.)
  • Administrate site: This is your panel, where you can control everything related to your website, from creating categories to changing the color scheme of the website. To start personalizing your website, we have to do two more things:

1. To change theme or template: The template is like your Business card; it needs to introduce your Website shortly and efficiently. For Real Estate, I prefer Splash, Pinclass, and Basecamp templates. To choose one of these, go to Appearance -> Themes. You can now view and choose the theme that fits best to the look and feel you want to give your website.

Once you have chosen the theme, you can preview your website by clicking on its name on the top left of your admin panel.

2. Customized fields: This is another very important step to creating a Real Estate website. Through the customized fields, we differentiate a website of cars, General, etc and you allow your users to search accurately for their properties. It’s just one of many great features Yclas has! To access the customized fields, go to Classifieds -> Customized fields on the admin panel. There you can find two buttons: “Templates” or “New”. The “Templates” are predefined customized fields, and “New” are custom fields you can make from scratch. You can also create the fields from templates and delete the functions, which in your case, don’t fit and/or replace them with new ones. For our website, we will click on Template and choose “Real Estate” under ‘type’ without indicating any ‘categories’. You now have fields created specifically for a real estate website: Meter2, the number of rooms, furnished or not, etc. You can now change the titles of these custom fields, or add new fields. Now, when someone wants to post their property, they will add specific information about it. On the side, users who are searching for a property can set their search goals based on these criteria as well, which makes selling and buying more accurate and efficient for everyone!   

Now that you have created a basic structure for your website, let’s look at some other things you can do:

  • Template configuration: We have already chosen a template in the previous step, but without personalizing it to your company’s mood and identity. To change this part, go to Appearance -> Template Configuration. Here you can add your logo, favicon, change the style and fonts of the texts, colors of the template, number of ads, and everything that appears on the homepage.
  • Personalization: It’s time to create categories and locations. For a good real estate website, you have to create two main categories: “Sell” and “Rent". Also, the following subcategories are important: new, housing, local, offices, vacation, etc. Depending on the type of webpage you want to create, Yclas gives you different variety of options to personalize it. To create categories, please, go to Classifieds -> Categories.
  • · Locations: You can either create locations one by one or permit geo-localization. In our case, we will create locations manually. For this, go to Classifieds -> Locations. There you can see different buttons. To start, click on ‘New location’, fill in the details, and save. This way, you can set all the locations that you want. You can set countries, continents, cities, districts, villages …etc

Throughout this process of personalization, you can view your changes instantly to make sure everything is how you want it to look.

  •  Creating an Ad: Whether it’s you or your users who enter the content, to understand how Yclas works, we will create 2-3 ads. This way, we can also understand what users are required to do every time they want to create an ad and be able to improve the User experience of our website.

To create an Ad, go to your website, and click on “Publish New”.

Now, we can just look at other possibilities suggested and play with all the options to make our website clear for our users and clients.

With these steps, you now know how to use the functionalities of Yclas and can build on that to make your website perfect!

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