5 Ways to Improve Ad Content & Searchability in Your Classified Software

March 18th, 2022 | 5 min read

Hi friends,

In this week’s blog post, I am sharing with you these 5 ways to improve your classified content & searchability. 

Better Searchability   

Quality content is not enough anymore. SEO practices are as crucial and essential as the content itself.  

Google accounted for just over 72% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Bing at 11.8%, Baidu at 10.73%, and Yahoo at 2.47%. (NetMarketShare

To succeed at SEO you need to rank on Google. Positioning high on Yahoo or Bing will boost your traffic with additional visits, however, according to research, websites that rank on Google have a better chance of gaining leads.  Read on how to start your keyword research.

Keyword Research Process  

Keyword research allows you to find and analyze words or whole phrases that people use to search for a specific service or product. SEO is optimizing your page in order to achieve a higher ranking on search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the core of searchability. 

If a web page has more links, then the chance to rank higher on search engines is bigger. However, with Google becoming better at understanding what people look for, keyword research is no longer focused on finding the ideal keyword. It is about understanding your potential visitors and covering the topic. Your keyword research process for classified websites should be narrowed down before applying it.

You can use keyword research tools to help you out in researching the highest-ranking words that will boost your online presence. Meanwhile, using thис SEO practice will help you in improving your content strategy by writing content that your audience is already looking for. So how to find the desired keywords?

Write down the terms that your audience is searching

Find similar terms on Google

Use Google Search Console ( or similar) to understand what your users have already searched for.

Create Top Content


Optimize your title. The best practice when using SEO is to use the keywords in the title. Don’t make it too long but don’t lack the necessary information. Be specific as much as possible and at the same time, don’t forget to add a unique (catchy) element to your ad.

Classified headlines can be more effective when written in bold, all caps, with wider spacing, and a different color. Keep your titles short and simple

Ad Content

Start by picking up the keywords that you want to add and spread them in the first two-three sentences. Next use the keyword and variation of it in the content itself. Don’t overdo it, you are writing for humans first.


  Define the desired length of your ads. How to do that? Include only essential and intriguing information in your ad’s description. Don’t focus on adding introductions, instead leave only the lines with the strongest selling impact. Tip: When your message is ready try to cut it down and rewrite it. 

  Make sure that the body paragraph(s) includes all the necessary information. Write a few sentences on how your product helps people. Would it improve your customers' quality of life or save them some money? Let them know! 

Images and Videos  

If your classified ad has an image or video attached that will improve the chances of getting noticed among the competition. Good quality images get more views. The same goes for video content.

If you can’t create visual images consider finding similar online materials and putting them under a note that that’s not your product but a visual representation.

Classified websites

If you aren’t using your classified website, make sure to publish your ads only on reliable and optimized websites. According to research, users can be easily distracted if there are too many ads popping up, so have that in mind when you choose where to post. If you are targeting a specific niche, make sure to post in niche classified sites.

For example, it’s highly unlikely for users to look for a vehicle on a real estate classified site. Of course, you can use general classified websites if there is a specific section for your products. If you want to sell a camera, you should try to find a general website with a subcategory on cameras & photography equipment.


Your ad must include a clear and powerful call to action. Your visitors should know what to do once they’ve clicked on your ad! Always, include call-to-action phrases in your adverts so that you can be sure that the people who viewed your ad will react and take action accordingly. You can use words like Buy, Sell, Order, Try, Sign, Get.

 Keyword Research Tools ideas 

These tools make it easier to gain the information you need. They help you to create content that’s useful for your audience based on their internet searches. Here are some free keyword research tools that you can use for your classified ads.

Google Keyword Planner 

Google Keyword Planner is a user-friendly and free keyword research tool. It’s one of the most used tools due to its simplicity and accuracy. However, it offers limited features in comparison to it’s paid competition.


UberSuggest is another free keyword research tool. It takes data directly from Google Suggest. 

When someone types a keyword it shows a list of related searches by real people. Moreover, you can get information based on your niche keyword.

If you want to search for SaaS platform-related results, you can simply create a combination phrase like “SaaS strategies” and Uber Suggest will show you a list of alphabetically ordered keywords that you can choose from.

An overview with useful tips and ideas as well as an SEO analyzer is available for free.

To improve and better the content of your ads and search you need to optimize your content as much as possible. Follow these strategies to create better classified ads for your products!  

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