New Theme and new Panel for your Yclas website!



Hope you and your family are well.

We are facing really difficult times, but at Yclas we have not stopped and we have really nice things to present to you today!

1. New theme Atlantic

2. Entire new panel, with nicer design and more user friendly, (login to your site to see)

3. Entire new docs: easier to read and updated.

From now on all these changes are available to all Yclas Cloud customers, no action required from your end.

Yclas Self-Hosted 4.0.0

We have also released Yclas Self-Hosted 4.0.0 with all these upgrades and many bug fixes. Please see our update guide

This marks the end of the 3.x version. Your license will keep working but to be able to receive the latest Pro updates, you need to have a Pro subscription that can be bought here

With Pro now you always get all the updates and support. Also something really big is coming...

Please be kind to us, we've been working for more than 4 months on these projects, almost day and night, and made new hires to make it possible.

As always you can open a support ticket if you face any issue using our new features ;)

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