Yclas as subscription model


Hello Friends!

Since we started Yclas we have been working extremely hard to improve features, platform and creating an awesome software allowing people to create amazing marketplaces. All those developments have been made possible thanks to our subscription model. When you get a plan with Yclas, besides all characteristics you get with your plan: Premium features, 14 themes, 24/7 support, backups, unlimited traffic etc, we also dedicate some money  towards platform development.

Some people don't know what a subscription model is and that Yclas is based on it. That is why we want to be transparent and explain to you, the model behind Yclas:

  1. Automatic renewals: When you are going to get a plan on the pricing page, we tell you the renewal period of time.
  2. Check out page: Once you select the plan you want to use, we also put a note on the checkout page saying: Plan will renew automatically
  3. Payment: We use 3D secure + Address validation + Fraudlabs in order to protect you and us from any security issue.
  4. After payment: We send you an email with your order and the time remaining for the next automatic renewal and also we explain how subscription cancellation works.
  5. 21 days before plan expire: An email is sent 21 days before your plan is expired in order to prevent you about this charge. Also we mention how cancellation works.
  6. 7 days before: We normally charge 7 days before your plan ends for security reasons. And allowing us to try again if this charge fails.
  7. Clear communications: You can find explanation about renewals at Our terms and Conditions and our FAQ
  8. Remove data: We keep hold of your data for 30 days after your plan expires, also this gives you enough time to to renew your plan.
  9. Notifications: We send you notifications if we could not charge you or if something wrong happened.

We are extremely serious about creating marketplaces and a great service for our users, and that is why we notify you on each step about your subscription status, but please we ask the same from your side. You must understand why we don't issue refunds. We don't ask anything if you decide to not renew but you must cancel your subscription (from your panel) in advance and help us to avoid payment gateways fees that are already generated once your subscription expires.

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