New iOS and Android Apps with FREE version!

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Hi everyone!

We got HUGE news today!

After 9 months of intensive development, we have released new iOS and Android apps, developed from scratch so they are more modern and updated to the latest trends.

- Redone the entire apps (faster than ever)
- Entire redesign of both apps (more modern)
- Create your app from your panel
- Better chat system
- Translate texts of your app from your panel
- Using latest version of iOS and Android

You can see a demo, screenshots and a video at our page.

How to get your FREE iOS and Android apps?

You can now get your Yclas iOS and Android app with Yclas branding for free. To do it please follow these steps, it will only work for websites with an active subscription.

- Login in to
- Go to -> My sites -> Details -> Apps
- Fill in the information of your app
- Click save
- Download Yclas apps from the market places.
- Enjoy!!

This is perfect for you to preview the apps before buying or if you do not mind giving your customers Yclas app for them to use.

If you want a full white-label experience, you only need to pay $1200 once to get both iOS and Android apps. More information here

In case you already have your iOS and Android apps, updating them has a an extra cost of $250.

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