MercadoPago our new payment gateway


Yclas friends

Today, we have great news, we integrated Mercadopago as a new payment gateway.

During the past few months we have been contacted from many users from South America regarding to integrate MercadoPago as payment gateway. It is commonly used in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and there are more willing to use Mercadopago instead of Paypal. Even for some people or countries are not know, MercadoPago is already used by more than 90 Million people worldwide and 150k online businesses. 

MarcadoPago has already been added and available for all our paid users in Yclas. It has been added to a list of 10 PaymentGateways

To setup Mercadopago for your classifieds sites, please follow this steps:

  1. Register in Mercadopago (If you don't have account yet)
  2. Get you Client-id and Client-Secret
  3. Go to your admin panel -> Settings -> Payments -> MercadoPago and paste: Client-id and Client-Secret.

As you know, we don't take comission on any transaction however before using it please check MercadoPago comissions.

Hope this new integration makes you as happy as we are! Enjoy

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