Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an app for my marketplace site?

First of all, we have to say that there are more smartphones than computers these days. Therefore it is essential to allow your users to access your website with a smartphone. It's also an extra value to add to your customers giving them endless possibilities to sell.

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Which platforms can run your app?

We focused our development on Android and iOS. Both are native apps written from scratch and connected to your site via our API. With iOS and Android, meaning that you will reach 90% of the population.

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Can I have only the iOS and Android App without a web-based site?

No, you need the website to manage the site, create categories, locations, ads, users, etc., but you can set your marketplace business just like the app.

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Do I need to upload all my content again?

No, we developed an API that connects to your current site, and we extract all the information and show them in your app. You won't lose any data, users or configuration (locations & categories).

You will need a Yclas Cloud site or a Yclas Self-Hosted Pro active subscription to run the apps.

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Do I need technical knowledge?

No, we will set you everything up, we will publish your apps in our store, Or you can create an Apple developer and a Google Play account to upload your apps to your markets profiles. Costs $100.

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Can I have just Android or just iOS instead of both?

Yes, but we would recommend you to choose both to reach your audience fully! And you save money.

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Extra changes and compilations

If you want changes in the app we can give to you a budget. Each new compilation of the app has a cost of $250. This may be needed to update the app etc.

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Features not available

Features not available in the native iOS or Android app, but that will work from web.

Accept payments
Social login

Does not include source code.

Some other features maybe missing, please test our demo apps before buying. Anything can be developed, contact us.

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