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Changing a button

Forums Support Changing a button about a year ago - 2016-04-08 22:53:49
I am slowly working through this demo before i commit to upgrading. So far all looks very good.
One thing though, i am using the Kameleon theme and is it possible to change the text on the 'publish new' button to 'Post an Ad' This seems to make  more sense in the locale i am based.

Chema about a year ago - 2016-04-09 09:42:45

Nice to hear, happy to help ;)

Sure you can, you can modify any text in here:

regards ;) about a year ago - 2016-04-09 10:05:58
Thank you, Thats done.
You are very helpful.
Chema about a year ago - 2016-04-09 14:58:55
welcome! :D
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