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Changing Advertisement fields

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dannyt04 a couple of years ago - 2016-07-14 15:19:56
Hello there,

How can i start from scratch with advertisement fields? Currently i know how to add fields but i can't edit the basic fields such as "description" "picture" "Price" etc.

I want to make a rentals classified website so under the "price" tab i need to make a few options such as daily, weekly and monthly hire for example...
Constantinos a couple of years ago - 2016-07-15 09:56:45

You can go to your panel, Settings -> Advertisement -> Advertisement Fields and Enable/Disable the default advertisement fields.

You can create some custom fields to give the option to seller to enter the price for weekly, monthly rental. These fields type can be Number, Number decimal or Number Range.

dannyt04 a couple of years ago - 2016-07-15 19:35:31
Great thanks, also is it possible to have some of the fields left to right rather than each field being underneath the other?
Constantinos a couple of years ago - 2016-07-15 19:54:58

No, it is not possible to change the way the fields are displayed.

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