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nothx a couple of years ago - 2015-10-12 14:12:00
Hi there,

Just one simple question!

Check this out: you wrote this out there:
=>This is a New Custom Field screen. There are 10 options in total.
=> Tooltip: assign a text to the custom field tooltip

Well, I couldn´t see any tooltips working on my .yclas website after I´ ve assigned a few custom fields with tooltips to it. The same tooltip-issue is concerning all the demos for example (Kamaleon) --- Please check Custom Fields in the Kamaleon demo page!!!

BTW, I´ve checked those demos with version 2.4.1 (some months ago) and those tooltips were working just fine but right now with the latest OC (2.5.1) it is not anymore.:-)

Could you explain? THX
Constantinos a couple of years ago - 2015-10-12 15:40:20

Thanks for reporting this!

We are already working on this, it will be solved soon!

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