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sales a few years ago - 2014-12-22 14:39:31
I need some help please.  I went to my control panel to figure out how to change my domain for my PAID account.  I first checked the FAQ and Forum and could not find any information on how the process works. As a matter of fact….very little information to help customers.  What a let down.
In the control panel I saw two options:
1.    Delete Domain
2.    Cancel Subscription
I did not want to cancel a $100 subscription that would not be refunded so I did NOT click that.
I click cancel Domain thinking I would have the opportunity to create a new domain.  Wrong, that cancelled my PAID subscription.  What gives?

I want my PAID subscription or refund…whichever you deem appropriate but I do not feel that a couple weeks use qualifies to LOSE my Payment.  I am very let down with the lack of “guides” and “how to” with Yclas.  I am poking in the dark trying to create something that is important to me.  

My order……

Date: 26-11-2014
Order #: 62

Thank you
Chema a few years ago - 2014-12-23 16:20:45

Theres a button called custom domain, once you click in there you get all the info needed explained in detail.

See here:
And here:

What you just did is delete the entire website as clearly says in the huge modal that appears and the warning text...

See here:

We also provide with private support so you can contact us any doubt you have and specially to avoid this situations. :S

Now please register a new domain name, contact us via email to provide us with the domain and we will set the paid plan from the same date you bought. 

No problem.
Chema a few years ago - 2014-12-25 01:08:03
Fixed via email user now has a new domain didnt lose the subscription of course ;)
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