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Martin Hedley a couple of years ago - 2015-02-25 15:03:10
If I pay for the "start up" subscription I will have to pay $150, you don't allow people to subscribe for 2 months at $12.50 per month so they can see if they like it? I ask because people may have an idea for a website, want the paid for features but not know if they have a valid business until they launch it.

Related to this, if you take out the "start up" subscription and want to cancel it after 4 months, do you get a refund for the remaining 8 months? In your Terms & Conditions you say you can cancel a subscription at any point, due you get refund if you do this?

Thanks Chema :)
Chema a couple of years ago - 2015-02-25 18:38:01

We do only year for that plan since its really cheap and dealing with payment gateways we lose huge amount on % commissions + theres a initial fee of web setup. On 12.5$ we can not afford that ;)

We do not refund the remaining months, nor we offer refunds, if you cancel the subscription you get the site until the end.

This is like any other web hosting company. Have same conditions, imagine what kind of business if not , we won't make any money ;)

For all of this you have the FREE version and the FREE trial to test the software and your idea before you commit to pay, so you have many chances to try anything you want without spending a dime.

thanks and regards!! :D

ps: if you don't have $150 for the "engine" that will run your business will be difficult to do anything else, just a friendly tip
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