The Yclas iOS App has arrived, and it will expand your business

Upload ads with a phone camera

Get rid of your desktop. Allow users to use images taken with their smartphones. Snap and upload!


Allows your users to filter ads based on their current location. Your neighbor could be your new buyer!

Offline use

Users will always have access to search results even if there isn’t a stable internet connection.

Notification system

Notify your users once a buyer has been found. Quick and easy. Place the ad, get a notification and complete the transaction.

Easy to translate

The app is easily translatable, so that give your users the best experience possible.

And lots more!

To name a few: personal ads, contact ads, post ads, update ads, new user, login user and contact user.

Let your users buy and sell on their iOS devices

Marketplace on iOS is now available

Yclas iOS app makes your Yclas website accessible to a bigger audience and growing market: smartphone users. Stay ahead of your competition and let your users buy and sell on their smartphones.

This mobile application will give your users the option to browse, search and post ads directly from their smartphones. Allow your users to start browsing ads on the go because it is specially designed and developed for smartphones.

Marketplace app with a ton of features with

this app posting or finding ads will be effortless. The difficulty of letting your users find a desktop is over. Allow users to upload images directly from their iOS devices easily.

The app is packed with features such as an integrated offline use for finding results based on geolocation, which allows your users to filter ads based on their current location and a notification system for new messages that will notify you once a buyer has been found. Within no time a local buyer might already be found.

Grow into the smartphone market

More, and more sales are made from a smartphone. Get the Yclas iOS app today and start growing your business.

From books, services to cars, the Yclas iOS app expands your business into the mobile market.

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Why you'll love the Yclas iOS App

Synced with your marketplace

The app connects to your current site and extracts all your information from there.

No technical knowledge required

You need the website to manage the site. If you can handle the site, you're good to go.

Ready to use

No more hassle. We set everything up for you!

Native App development

Both are native apps written from scratch and connected to your site via our API.

Yclas Cloud customers get 50% discount!

iOS App

  • App brand customization
  • Customization of icon
  • Customization of a splash screen
  • Support for submission to the app store
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iOS + Android App

  • Best price/value
  • Ready in 2 weeks
  • App brand customization
  • Customization of icon
  • Customization of a splash screen
  • Support for submission to both Google Play and Apple store
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an app for my marketplace site?

First of all, we have to say that there are more smartphones than computers these days. Therefore it is essential to allow your users to access your website with a smartphone. It's also an extra value to add to your customers giving them endless possibilities to sell.

Which platforms can run your app?

We focused our development on Android and iOS. Both are native apps written from scratch and connected to your site via our API. With iOS and Android, meaning that you will reach 90% of the population.

Can I have only the iOS and Android App without a web-based site?

No, you need the website to manage the site, create categories, locations, ads, users, etc., but you can set your marketplace business just like the app.

Do I need to upload all my content again?

No, we developed an API that connects to your current site, and we extract all the information and show them in your app. You won't lose any data, users or configuration (locations & categories).

Do I need technical knowledge?

No, we will set you everything up, we will publish your apps in our store, Or you can create an Apple developer and a Google Play account to upload your apps to your markets profiles. Costs $100

Can I have just Android or just iOS instead of both?

Yes, but we would recommend you to choose both to reach your audience fully! And you save money.

Extra changes and compilations

If you want changes in the app we can give to you a budget. Each new compilation of the app has a cost of $250. This may be needed to update the app etc..

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