Yclass (yclass.com)

Yclass.com does not exist. Please type Yclas with a single "s"

Yclas is a platform that helps people to create marketplaces and classified sites. Yes, we know you already know this! But we noticed many of the users who come to our website and ask questions about Yclas were searching on the internet about Yclass and found nothing.

Yclass with two "s" means nothing at this moment. The domain yclass.com is for sale on HugeDomains, who bought the domain some time ago. 

We approached HugeDomains.com to buy the domain yclass.com at a reasonable price with no success. Hugedomain is asking an unreasonable amount for a domain that means nothing and nobody wants to use it. It only affects those who mistype Yclas. 

We decided to go away from purchasing yclass.com due to its high cost and make this page advise all the people looking for yclass.com that Yclass with two "ss" does not exist. Instead, you'll need to use Yclas.com

Yclas was launched in November 2014, and we are proud to manage Yclas.com. 

*We currently own 3 TLD domains: yclas.com, open-classifieds.com, and noahsclassifieds.org