Yclas Cloud: SSL Encryption

With SSL encryption, you give to your customers an extra step of security. It's not mandatory to have it, but you will need it to auto-locate customers and for many payment gateways like Stripe, etc.

We will set an SSL certificate that isn't provided by us. For this, you will need to change your DNS and point them to the ones we will send you.

Be sure your plan does include SSL encryption before requesting us.

How to get an SSL certificate for your domain:

  1. Be sure you have a plan with SSL on Yclas.com.
  2. Register at Cloudflare.com (it is free!).
  3. Point your domain name to the DNS that Cloudflare provides you.
  4. Activate Flexible SSL see image.
  5. Go to my sites
  6. Click on details of the domain you are interested
  7. Click on Activate SSL and confirm
  8. Start working!