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info a couple of years ago - 2015-07-01 04:25:02
I currently have a free account and I am going to upgrade to $180. year for 5,000 ads soon. I have two questions

1- I was reading some documentation that stated in order to us feature ads I must sign up with open classifieds and pay an extra $3.49/m?

2-I would like customers to pay for each ad they post and then a little more for extra features. but I don't see anything in settings to pay for each ad. Is it possible?
Thank you.
Chema a couple of years ago - 2015-07-02 08:47:15

Let me try to help you ;)

1- No you do not need to do anything like that, sorry sometimes its a bit confusing, actually with your free plan you already have that ;)
2- Sure! you can set price per different category, and then pay to feature the ad, or to go back to the first page for example

regards and thanks!
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