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Improved image editing and more!



Today we have launched a few new features for all our yclas.com sites ;)

You have asked for it, so we deliver.

From now on you can add multiple images when editing an advertisement and, next to that, you can also now add images directly from a URL

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SMS Auth for Login


Hello Yclas friends!

A new Yclas release has been deployed last Friday. As you always know we work hard to offer the best platform for people that want to create a marketplace or a classifieds site. Today we would like to introduce the 2 step SMS

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Yclas New web design


Hello Yclas friends

Since we launched Yclas in November 2014 we have been focused on building a TOP platform where people can create, build and run successful classifieds sites. After a couple of years working on the products side, we have decided to

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Top Classifieds sites in Italy


Hello Yclas fiends,

This week we will be looking at Italy, to which the word comes from "italia" meaning “calf land” due to tribes in the South used the bull as a symbol. Italy is also the largest producer of wine.

There is a legend in Rome that it was

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Fiji's best classified sites



This week we’ll focus on the beautiful islands of Fiji.The Kai Viti, the indigenous Fijians call the islands Viti. The meaning of Kai Viti is either “the owners of the homeland” or “ The people of Viti. Altogether, there are 333 islands to

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Verified profiles for Yclas users


Hello Hello!!

It is time to announce that we have release a new and cool functionality for Yclas users. Verification of users ☑️

Since now, you can allow users to verify their profiles in order to offer more security, trustworthy and professionalism

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Monthly Plans now available


Hey buddies!

We are so happy today. We would like to announce a new and great change that will make most of you happy. From now you can get a Yclas plan and pay it monthly. YES, monthly payments are now available.

Until now, monthly pricing was not an

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