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Verified profiles for Yclas users


Hello Hello!!

It is time to announce that we have release a new and cool functionality for Yclas users. Verification of users ☑️

Since now, you can allow users to verify their profiles in order to offer more security, trustworthy and professionalism

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Monthly Plans now available


Hey buddies!

We are so happy today. We would like to announce a new and great change that will make most of you happy. From now you can get a Yclas plan and pay it monthly. YES, monthly payments are now available.

Until now, monthly pricing was not an

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Top 3 Classifieds sites in Portugal


Hey friends!

We are receiving a lot of emails asking for Top classifieds sites in some countries. Some of you are looking for inspiration and some to know your competitors. We used to do this kind of blog post but we stopped them in order to focus

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IMPORTANT - Domain configuration



3 customers have reported us an error on Cloudflare DNS. "CNAME Cross-User Banned" We have not got any other customer complain, but to avoid any issue with your domain please follow the next instructions.

  1. Login in cloudflare
  2. select your domain
  3. go to
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