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Top classifieds websites in South Africa

Hi friends!

Today we will be showing you the top classifieds sites in South Africa. With about 53 million inhabitants there is a wide target that can be reached when having a classifieds website. As we can see in the list below the majority of current
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Many new languages!


Oh yeah!!

Many new languages available :D

We have listened to all of your feedback.. Many of you wanted more languages for the site so we have added a total of 32 new ones. Now there are 36 languages available!

Please note that only English, Spanish

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Merry Christmas and... Freebie here!


Hello Yclas friends,

The year is over and christmas holidays are already here. After our first year of life at Yclas we only can voice our satisfaction and a big thank you for your support.

We have been working hard to bring you the best functionalities,

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Evolution of job search solution

Hello friends,

Searching for a job nowadays is very different in comparison previous years. With new technologies like Internet, job search evolution offer more opportunities with more precision. Job boards and job search engine will help you to find the
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