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Connectivity issues with AT&T


Last week 2 paid clients reported having issues accessing their sites hosted at Yclas.com. 

Was really strange since we currently host more than 2000 sites and we had no one else complaining about this sort of issues. 

We've had some issues in the
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Messaging system and new stuff!

Hello Yclas friends!

From today you can enable an internal messaging system, that allows your customers to contact each other without using an email address. This was highly requested and finally we have developed it!

This would be crucial
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How to add locations


Adding locations

Today’s Yclas post will be about locations. We will discuss what locations are, how they are useful and how to use them.

In case you want to publish advertisements with various geographical locations, it is a good idea to assign a

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How to Yclas


Hello OC friends,

Next to our open source Open Classifies script we also offer Yclas. With Yclas everyone can make a classifieds website without any knowledge in website design. So you don't need to know what PHP is or how you have to make your own

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