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Detect Adblock + New Stats + Report Ad


Since few minutes ago we have 2 cool new features and an improved one :P

  1. We have added a plugin to detect if your users has adblock enabled, and if that is the case display a warning.
  2. We have a new stats dashboard lot more beautiful and
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Yummo our new classifieds theme

Hello Yclas Friends,

Most of you are running a reputable business engined with Yclas. During the past months we created a lot of templates, for different sectors like Real Estate, Job board and Car dealers. After summer we decided to create a new
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Publish New Sidebar


We have a great new feature available for all our themes. 

A dedicated sidebar for Publish New page. 

How does it work? 
From now on you can go to your panel->appearances->widgets and add new widgets to the publish new sidebar. 
Those widget will only
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New Theme for Job Boards

Hello Yclas, 

We are always trying to please and surprise our users. That’s why we work so hard on developing new themes for you. Our goal is to develop several new (premium) themes, that come packed with a fresh new look and in some cases, more Continue reading »

Hunted on Product Hunt

Hello Yclas-Friends,

We at Yclas are a big fan of Product Hunt. This company, that was founded in 2013, features the best new products. Every day interesting apps, websites, hardware and tech creations are posted on the Product Hunt website. The visitors
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Olson theme revamped!


We have more and more new features coming!

This week we are a bit late but as many as you know we were featured at ProducHunt and that gave us a lot of work!

But here we are on friday night doing a beautiful software release ;)

I mean beauty because
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Search by user fields


It seems like these few days, we've made a lot of changes but is not like that :P

Every week we do 2 or 3 software releases with improvements and bug fixes. If we do not comment on them it's due to them being really small issues.

For this week we
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Connectivity issues with AT&T


Last week 2 paid clients reported having issues accessing their sites hosted at Yclas.com. 

Was really strange since we currently host more than 2000 sites and we had no one else complaining about this sort of issues. 

We've had some issues in the
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