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How to Yclas


Hello OC friends,

Next to our open source Open Classifies script we also offer Yclas. With Yclas everyone can make a classifieds website without any knowledge in website design. So you don't need to know what PHP is or how you have to make your own

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New pricing plans!

Hello Yclas friends,

We have now been live for 6 month alive with more than 2000 active sites. After a lot of testing, good feedback and support tickets we have learnt many new things. We really appreciate your trust in our software and we want to add
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Say Hello To Open Classifieds new CEO


Hello Yclas friends,

Let me introduce myself a little bit, I am Marco A. Sánchez and I am very happy to announce that I am the new CEO of Open-Classifieds.com  as you know the core software of Yclas.

I have been involved in different aspects of

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Splash! new theme is here!


New theme is available for you to choose.

We call it Splash, and hope you are going to like it as much as we do.

Remember only if you are a paid customer you get access to our exclusive templates!

Regards :)
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Responsive theme, share on Whatsapp renew ads and more!


New week and many new things for you to enjoy at yclas! ;)

We have improved our code base and fix some small internal bugs (not related to your site). And we have all of this this new for you!

  • Improved the processing modal when publish new ad 
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Import Ads Tool


We have new things on Yclas!

Since now if you have a paid plan you are going to be able to import ads directly from your panel into your website!

This will create the advertisement, upload pictures, create the user, categories or locations if
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